MIA Reading, NEW COLLECTION - The Bugaboo Bugs!

Exams are a time where students get tested on the subjects they learnt in school like Maths, English, Listening Comprehension, Word Recognition and even some general topics that relate to civic mindedness and general knowledge. Sometimes it takes very little to get the attention of kids at a tender age of 4 to 8 to learn things unless the subject is interesting, colourful, captivating and fun.

If your child is between the age of nursery level to Grades 3, perhaps you might like to introduce to him or her this very exciting adventure of The Bugaboo Bugs that has been developed by an award-winning team, Kutoka (publishes high quality interactive content). Kutoka is an expert in education and multimedia for the past 10 years since their very first Mia game — The Search for Grandma's Remedy — reading.

The Bugaboo Bugs is a new collection and comes in a series of 5 titles under MIA collection that helps to complement and support children's educational journey in the knowledge of Reading, Science, Maths, Creativity and Language.

The story is about a mouse who lives in a lovely Victorian family home for years. Recently been invaded by pests who show some pesky behaviour of being noisy, uncivilized and lack of manners. To avoid being exterminated by human and faced being thrown out in the streets, Mia the Mouse needs help to find ways to help these pesky friends of hers.
This Series of learning adventure game includes educational activities, different age appropriate difficulty levels, evaluation report to follow the child's progress, activities that collaborate interesting stories, colourful environments, endearing characters, rich 3D environment, and more. This hybrid DVD rom can be used on both Mac or PC and suitable for ages from aged 4 to 9. Learn more about The Bugaboo Bugs and how to get your products here. Don't worry if you live in countries that teaches in other languages because this multi award-winning series is available is over 40 countries in 14 different languages. How about that?

Windows XP (sp2), 2000 (sp4), VISTA; Processor: Pentium III - 1Ghz; RAM: 512 MB; Video & Sound: DirectX 9 compatible; DVD-ROM Drive: 4X; Hard Disk Space: 1.2 GB.

Macintosh OS X, 10.4, 10.5; Processor: G4 - 1Ghz; RAM: 512 MB;
Video & Sound: Standard Macintosh; DVD-ROM Drive: 4X; Hard Disk Space: 1.2 GB.


Nick Phillips said...

The Bugaboo Bugs. I love the name. Sounds just perfect for me ... LOL!

I have to agree that the subject needs to be pretty interesting to keep a child intrigued and this sounds like something that would just about do it ...