Many times in the chatroom, many of the Penang Hokkien overseas members have expressed their interest to move back to their own country, Malaysia in time to come. Like me, we take the occasional trips home and live with family, friends and sometimes also in hotels so as not to trouble our folks and to give both parties privacy.

It is hard to keep up with the property developments in Malaysia. Sometimes we miss an overseas launch of these property at home. There are many questions pertaining to a property if one buys one at that distance. So how can one close that gap? I know sometimes these development hold property launches in neighbouring countries but what if you are not free to attend?

One way is to look for overseas property investment agents who are resourceful enough to handle such properties for clients in demand. Such example is a new property website, OUR HOME ABROAD. These are professionals that help those with the needs of buying overseas homes for the purpose of retirement, holiday homes or even for investment. They update themselves with the latest information, developments to suit your requirements. You can download their free brochures online or have them send to you by mail. They offer honest and impartial advice and solutions so don't hesitate to seek them for consultation. View their website now and see what is in the latest property development in the country of your choice.


jepunlauee said...

wow,thanks for the information..you are right..I too believe in proverty investment,especially in penang as I believe the market value will shoot up in future as there is not so much land left to develop..hehe..

Constance Chan said...

agree too jle.. but it's always nice to have a home to come home too. especially in your own motherland..

Hazel said...

hi, a simple Pink Heart Tag for u. Have a nice day