Grab a Toy, Grab a Sweet

I want to share with you my latest addiction. Recently, Ah Boy and I got addicted to arcade games. The ones that has UFO catchers and all that toy rewards. Perhaps it is the challenge that spurred us both middle-age-something parents with two young girls to patronize these game-shops. Or perhaps it was something in us that refuse to grow up.

I did love to play arcade games during my teens, but the environment and the fear of being in wrong company stopped me. And also of course there was hardly any budget for games like that. I'd rather be shopping!

So now that we are in our 40s (so shameless of us..) we finally pluck enough courage with our kids in tow (my gutsy kids) all over Singapore, from Parkway Parade, Causeway Point, Jurong Entertainment Centre, Suntec City to try out these UFO catchers).

I'm hooked on those grabber that has sweets and reward toys. I'd be asking Sofiya (who was equally excited) to 'hurry!! hurry!!' and get me $10 of tokens or coins each time they were running low. My girls, were happy that when Mummy manages a large grab of Mentos and other sweets, and they'd be at the little doorway below collecting these sweets and eating from there. Of course, we get so much that we'd bag them and admire them like trophys at home. Two weeks ago was our lucky day. Mummy's efforts finally paid off. See what we got besides the containers of sweets we bagged home.

Perhaps this is a much better choice than Mummy and Daddy's 'One Arm Bandit' days. Look how much sweets we grabbed on that one day alone! Mentos sweets for us to chew on when we are driving, and those soft toys and pillows for the girls!


Taoju said...

Wow!! that's was fun. Your Sofiya did play a part by taking charge of tokens ahhahahah!