Prepaid Phone Cards Online

For the past few years, I've been buying prepaid phone cards from the little shop and minimart that sells a variety of prepaid cards for overseas calls. I buy them for my own personal use, for calls to Australia, Holland, Malaysia as well as for my helper to make calls to Indonesia. I used to spend a lot on trunk calls by landline from my resident phone but sometimes calls like that makes me get carried away that I ended up making calls like about almost $15 or more for each call. These are also from using the standard international rate that is tied to the telephone trunk call charge.

It was from the agency that produces domestic helpers that I was exposed to prepaid cards or international prepaids. A standard card will normally consist of a number to call, and a scratched out that reveals a pin you can use to make your calls. Not only that, prepaid cards for international calls are also very cheap and the quality is reasonably good. One pleasant surprise that I have discovered recently was that I could purchase Prepaid Phone Cards from a website online. It was something I never thought possible. That will mean I do not need to rush out to get a second card and continue my call when my first card had the credits all used up. Isn't that convenient. I usually call overseas in the evening and sometimes when the phone call is cut off abruptly, the shops outside are also closed for the day so I am kept up all night worrying about the incomplete call earlier.

You can select from a large list of prepaid phone cards on the website. Search for the country you are calling to select which is a better card with the best valued plan for your call. Some of the cards are optimised for calls to Europe whereas some have more value for calls like Philliphines, Jakarta or even Hong Kong. Purchasing is easy and the end of the step gets you to collect your PIN for use. They have life support online if you need more enquiries about the online phone card.