Porridge Buffet at Joaquim

Two weeks ago, i was recovering from a cold and hardly have much appetite to eat. Last Sunday, while we were in Suntec, we decided to go for something that is less heavy. We had Porridge at Joaquim Restaurant. Well this porridge came in the form of a buffet so you can eat as much as you like. After my flu and little appetite, don't you think having a buffet is like stuffing myself? Well, anyway, I just ate as normal and not really over indulging myself.

The girls had fun because they have not been to a porridge buffet before. Sofiya was a little uncomfortable.. she asked me if they can substitute hers with rice...hahaha I told her, not to worry. Look they have plain rice too and also yam rice which was really yummy. She was so relieved and she enjoys her buffets whenever we bring her to one.

I just had to go for all that saltish food... like Salted Egg, Salted Mustard, Salted Fish, Dried Shrimps, even my favourite Taoju - they were all there. Alamak! Why go to a buffet to eat all that stuff when we can have that at home hor. Not too sure, maybe the grass is always greener on the other side. They had other food too, like fried chicken wings, roasts, hot stir fried veg, steamed egg, sambal long beans, dumplings, even prawns... it was actually like an ordinary local buffet. The price was really cheap, about less than $13 inclusive of tax. If you would like to know where it is, it is in Suntec City, just below the escalator at the Convention Tower. Near the Republic Food Court on one end and the Starbucks on the other end.

left pic: My girls 'limbo-ing' under the escalator while Sofiya enjoying her dessert of Bo Bo Cha Cha.

Dinner time they serve Steamboat Buffet. Their food quality is not bad, actually because Joaquim is owned by Suntec itself and they do catering for it's convention halls upstairs.

For enquiries, please call 6825 2062.

Opening Hours:

Porridge Buffet Lunch
Mon – Fri 11am - 3pm
Sat, Sun & Public Holidays 11am - 4pm

Steamboat Buffet Dinner
Mon - Sun & Public Holidays 6pm - 10pm


Hazel said...

wow, have porridge buffet hah, i haven't try it before..

jepunlauee said...

wah,not bad hor?If I stay in SG,I sure would like to try it,coz it is nice to try something light like this...porridge..yummy..makes me think of our penang tay chew porridge...

Kikey said...

i love porridge
but American dunno wat is that...
i hardly to get in here!

Taoju said...

Sofiya seems enjoying her bobo cha cha.:)