Changi Village

Fishermen and Boats at the Changi Terminal

A rare scene of the idylic and quiet lifestyle in modern Singapore

In the weekends, Ah Boy and I love to bring the girls to the east end of Singapore. We like to go to Changi Village, a lot. Changi Village is like a sleepy town during the weekdays, but wakes up to fishing enthusiasts, bikers, foodies and of course campers. The wind in this area is just great. It is not as packed as East Coast and certainly more friendly and down to earth.

Usually after a meal at the stretch of coffeeshops, we would walk to the Changi jetty to watch some boats and let the kids just catch some sea breeze. Last Sunday was exactly what we did. Except that we started the day a little later so we went there for an afternoon stroll and had dinner at the nearby market.

Cyclists using the bicycle track at the Changi Coast

Changi Coastline is a nice place to bring out your bicycles. In fact Singapore has the island all mapped out that if you are a enthusiastic cyclist, the cycle tracks can bring you to almost all parts of the island using park connectors.


Kikey said...

very nice place!!
If I go to SG will you host me?? :)

Dragon said...

hoon, i want to go there when i go s'pore next time, ok? can u bring me there? hahaha.

Constance Chan said...

come come. of course i will play host! :P

dragon - of course can lah. if u not scared later i drive there like take 3 hours so far when get lost. go ronda for hours nia. kekeke

Sue said...

Nice photos..