Shoe Kiosk at Heartlands

I love to take snapshots of peculiar things. While still in Changi residential township, I came across this very antique looking plastic feet which I have seen but long time ago. I was very surprised that things like that still exist in Singapore. Perhaps being in an old town, the proprietor of this business had actually inherit it from his traditional grandparents or something.

Look at how shoes are displayed using mannequin's feet! Do they have these in shopping malls? I can't recall seeing anything like that in malls. There is also a little carton cardboard on the ground whereby a sign asks the person who wants to try the shoes to put it on, on the cardboard. Fair enough, these goods should not be soiled. I really enjoy these sights!


Chef Julia said...

Hi, i am Chef Julia. The guest blogger of JoZe's Crap... So many shoes...Joze would love it...Do drop by JoZe's Crap to visit me ok?

Nick Phillips said...

Those feet do look a little unnerving. I wouldn't want to be caught alone in a warehouse full of those feet! LOL!

Happy weekend to you ...