Weight Loss Management Website

Why do our weights keep increasing as we grow older? Is it because our metabolism rate goes downhill? I do not exercise and in the recent weeks, I feel very lethargic. I could feel as if the weight in my body is pulling myself down to gravity and it certainly leaves me short of breath just doing simple errands at home. So when I was at the pharmacy, I decided that I should detox myself first then start a low carb diet. The idea to do a detox is to clear out whatever toxins that are in my body first. What are the ways one can do to reduce one's weight without any health risk?

There is a new website, Planet Fat Loss which is dedicated to losing weight. It has so much information about exercise, dieting, and nutrition as well as articles on how to burn fat. I believe I should be reading more of these and have more understanding about food, diet, nutrition before starting any Weight Loss program.

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