Just Bla Bla Bla

The weather has been sooooo eratic. It is either hot sunny or pouring.. If felt as if the sky is falling.. I was out running errands and it was so hot, it felt like it was burning my skin.. However, at 1.30pm whilst on my way to bring lunch over to my girl in school it started to pour! And boy did it pour.. it was as if someone up there poured the whole basin of water like an avalanche! Is this the effect of global warming?

How has your weather been lately? Is it raining in Malaysia? They say during the Qing Ming festival it is common to have rain. Did you ever heard of that? Does anyone knows why? Oh and by the way the Bak Chang festival is approaching soon. What is the actual day, anyone knows? I remembered I made some last year but i didn't know how to tie it. The year before it was ok but last year, it wasn't. So I ended up steaming the Bak Chang instead. But it was a little more salty because it wasn't boiled in water. I may not make it this year... too tired already just thinking about it.