Careless Car

I was driving my girl to school in the morning when I saw this car. It was mounted on the kerb and half of its left side had fell into the drain! I wonder how on earth did it happened. The fella who drove it must have been drunk the night before? He must have been trying to park his car, a Honda Estima on the kerb when he didn't see the drain so it landed this way.. How embarrasing. I hope he gets it out as soon as possible.. I saw a fella sitting on the opposite side of the road and I didn't want hold the traffic so I just took this pic from my windscreen.

It was there since morning about 7ish in the morning. I wanted to take the picture but there was too much traffic as it was residential area and there were two schools nearby each other. Some of the cars had slowed down to look and caused alot of traffic jam.

Wonder if the scratches on the side were bad?


Taoju said...

Clever to laugh at people hor!! That's the problem when handling big MPVs.

Anonymous said...

wah! like this also can ar?! hor liao