Tae Yun Kim

Have any of you ever heard of the world's foremost expert on Ki Energy? She is one of the higest ranked female Grandmasters in the world, with an endless list of credits on her name, being the Legend Superstar and Hope of her own Country. Her books and cd about energy has always been a popular item. Check some of the items on amazon.com under her name, Tae Yun Kim.

She even hosts her own international TV talk show. She has this spell bounding effect that motivates and give millions of people around the world inspiration. She also has several books about energy and motivation, like They Call Me Success and Seven Steps to Inner Power.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Tae Yun Kim and her Jung Suwon and "circle of light" and her other endeavors are ways for her to engage her followers and start extracting their money. She is a CULT LEADER, pure and simple. Imagine a father of a small child leaving his wife and small child to go give all of his money to Jung Suwon. I know of at least 3 stories like this. She is such a cult leader that followers receive new names. Followers are constantly bullied into giving more and more money, time and adoration to the leader. If they dont give, they are told that they will make "Backwards progress" and ostracized. Eventually, members give up their former lives, jobs, families, etc.,and move into one of her more exclusive organizations, like "Circle of Light", where they are completely dependent on her and her organization for everything.