Fat Free Ice Cream. Really?

Last week at the shopping mall, my girls insisted to get some ice cream after a meal. They wanted to get Ben & Jerry's but there was none in sight at the mall we went. I suggested McDonalds but I guess my girls are not easy to trick. They say McDonald ice cream can be bought everywhere! hahaha.. so we walked till we saw a kiosk ice cream. Well it was something that my kids had not tried before! They were the italian ice cream usually called Gelato. Mmm.. according to the fact, this one that I got is 100% fat free... How can an ice cream like Gelato be fat free? If those are Sorbet, perhaps.. but that's what the fella at the booth said. Anyway, if the sugar content is high, chances are they also will be turned into whatever -tose your body converts. If you don't use up the energy, then it will turn into fat. So I don't really think that any food can be fat free. An over consumption of foods that has sugar or carbo high in content are kept as fat, am i right to say that? Oh well. I guess I digress too much?

Here are the snaps I took of the gelato. I can't remember the brand of these but it's not Gelato the brand. Dark Chocolate (my favourite) and Lychee for Rae.


Joze Foo said...

drooling adi~~~~~~~