Demand for GOLD

Did you know that GOLD is very much in demand by 60% of the world's population. Who are these 60% in the world, you may ask. Well, they are 1.2 billion Chinese, 1.0 billion Indians and 1.1 billion Arabs. An ingrained affinity to gold is how their culture had been carried from years of traditional value, myths and expectations. Chinese regard gold as the colour symbol of richness, for luck, prosperity and abundance. India is also one of the world's largest consumer of gold, symbol of richness and provider.

There is no denying in the fact that the potential demand for gold is high. Where many things in life gets devalued over a certain years, the value of gold has been ever increasing. In the investment market, gold that comes in ingot and coin is highly sought for. Purchasing gold in ingots or coin form will certainly be an ideal method of investment for a positive future. Monex Precious Metals is America's best dealer for gold purchases with it's competitive price and convenience personal delivery.