Sparked by the IZEA in SocialSpark

How it Sparked Off
It was one of those days when I was following up on the episodes of Rock StartUp of IZEA's videos. In one of their episodes, they discussed creating something called SocialSpark. Yes, the idea was brought on, brain-stormed and ideas sparked. The idea of having a social website that could bring together bloggers, advertisers and money making opportunity, prompted the birth of SocialSpark.

It was such a good idea. Exclusively IZEA owned, SocialSpark was something that became alive in just a matter of hours and days and pretty soon, real sparks were flying between bloggers, advertisers and IZEA. Opportunities to review products, services, buzz and more were being created from here and we could see which blogger accepted which post, and the advertisers could also send messages to the bloggers and prop them if they think that the bloggers have done a good job. Quality posts that deserve credits for being well written were listed for all to see.

Prop for More Lovin'
In SocialSpark, you make friends propping each other for some 'love' and it is really amazing how one can make friends quickly too. It is different from the quiet style of reserving opportunity whereby you reserve your opportunity, read the requirements and know nothing or no information over who has taken which opportunity.

SocialSpark is different. It is what I'd call Social Network combined with Interactive Opportunities. You can read posts by other bloggers and learn how well they have written, and pick up tips from fellow bloggers. This way, you would improve yours for your share of the bonus! Share your experience with the blogger by sending him or her a private message or even add him or her as a friend.

An opportunity will require you to meet their requirements, including adding a little in-post disclosure which allows total transparency for tax audit. This little line explains to your blog readers that they are really reading a quality post under the wings of SocialSpark, one that encourages real opinions and one that is also search engine friendly.

All In One Stop Shop
With such a great deal of making money online, make new friends and build your community and traffic, it is an all in one stop shop. All this by signing up with SocialSpark. Try it, it is fun and it works.

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