Kiddy Rides

Sometimes when we have exhausted ourselves of ideas for kids' activities, we bring them to the east for kiddy rides. Although you can find these rides almost in many housing estates nearby, we still like the east environment because this fella that does his kiddy ride business seems to be doing it in a larger scale and the space here is definitely more spacious than others.

He invested on those battery (or generated) operated children's vehicles (bikes, little mpvs, open top jeeps) and charges about $3 or $4 depending on the size of the vehicle for different age group.

Look at these pictures.

The operator with the clipboard checks each numbered vehicle for timing

Look at the pretty bikes in a row

When the sun sets, is the time where the parents brings their kids, grandkids, nephews and nieces for these rides. Sometimes there is a queue so the following kid need to wait for a vacant vehicle.

Each ride is given a period of 15 minutes. My girls really enjoy rides like these. I was thinking of getting them these but not too sure how much they cost per vehicle.. and how much does it cost to maintain it.

Lea taking her first ride on the mini bike (top) and larger bike (bottom)