Funky Bedroom Sets

My two little girls refuse to sleep in their own room at night. They like to be in our room because we have television in the room. Although I don't encourage them to watch any shows when it's time for bed, they get the occasional weekend movie with us. I have problem trying to fit so many beds in the room because I have a large built in wardrobe, few cabinets and 2 large treasure chests for my bag collection. I could only fit a queen with divan and super single matteress on the floor. I decided that I should get a large bed with a storage chest below. My current onedoes not have any storage facility. I have been browzing for nice bedroom sets too. Spacify has a nice range of BEDROOM SETS you might be interested too. Leather beds are very funky and unique. Some beds comes in different shapes too. Look at the one in this post. If I have a bigger room, I'd love to get this! They are very child friendly indeed! No sharp corners..


Bedroom furniture said...

There are many styles of bedroom furniture sets on the market. When it comes to style and elegance, modern and contemporary bedroom furniture sets have risen in popularity amongst young adults. when researching furniture bedroom sets, your goal is to find that tranquil balance and level of comfort. You should find a bedroom set that syncs with your home bedroom decor as well as your personality, but make sure it meets your standard level of comfort also. Modern bedroom furniture sets not only appeals to adults; in fact, furniture manufacturers are also designing kids bedroom sets as well as for teens because of the growing popularity of modern and contemporary furniture.

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