Boating Accessories

My husband works in an exclusive marina club for boaters, sailors and yachtmen. As boating is considered a hobby that is rather exclusive and rather luxurious, there aren't many accessory shops that cater to these hobbyist. The stores that are available are specialized shops and if they do carry some general boating equipment, chances are they do not have the storage and store to display a wide range of boat accessories like furniture, electricals, and navigation tools or even the nautical jewelry.

His job also requires him to purchase equipments related to his work, he sometimes faces limitations as the list of suppliers for such product are few. So he has to venture to other countries for this niche market.

His office is dressed with all things nautical since it has become so much a part of his life. He has everything in the office except for a proper Maritime clock. I found this Captain's clock that comes with Thermometer in Satin Brass finish. It is such a beautiful piece and reasonably priced too. American Marine Supply has everything you need for your marine hobby. They provide boating equipment and accessories for your boat from the electrical equipment, sailboat supplies, fibreglass repair supplies, to unique nautical gift ideas.

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