Irritating Calls from Telemarketing Sales

Lately I receive many irritating calls from insurance agents and banks. What is most irritating and rude is that when you pick up the call they have the cheek to start the call with asking if I own a credit card and so on. Sometimes i feel that this method of cold calls only give them a bad name as it is plain rude to speak to anyone in this manner. When they catch me in a bad mood, I'd respond back by asking what right do they have to ask me this question. Or who are they to even ask such a question. Some who are more courteous, I'd at least let them know if I'm not interested in what they are offering. The worst are those that call you without any caller identification number. Such numbers do not get my answers most of the time. I'd either leave the phone to ring non stop or just cancel the call.

In the United States, one can register their numbers under National No Call Registry. This will give you a choice on whether you will want to prevent from telemarketing calls in your home or mobile. If you still receive such calls, you are able to file a complaint against the caller.

Another way to solve this problem is to try out a service call Reverse Phone Lookups. With this, you can protect your phones from strange calls, truants by getting a full report of the call as and when you need the information. They can be purchased by a one time report or you can also get an unlimited use for a years' service fee.


Shireen Loh said...

Me too! I honestly get irritated whenever I receive calls from these people. Another are insurance agents..LOL

stay-at-home mum said...

I hate those calls too. I always tell them to remove my name from my mailing list but they dont.