Pick Up After Your Dog

When you are out in the park walking your dog, don't forget to bring along your poo bags. I'm not sure how many countries practice this but in Singapore, it is normal practise to bring along your poo bags to pick up after your dog. Sometime these bags are available around parks for your attention together with the signs as well.

It does makes alot of civic sense because after all, if the dog belongs to you and so does it's emission. This way, everyone, including those who does not have dogs are able to enjoy their walks in pure comfort without worrying that they might step over some unwelcomed mass of 'stuff'.

Would you walk away after your dog has pooped on the public grounds?

Of course there may be some who tried to get away by pretending they didn't see what their pets were doing but there will be people who will point it out to you and that will be embarrasing. :P


Anonymous said...

in japan also this sign can be found everywhere but still sometimes,actually many times recently, the dog-owners are getting terrible and irresponsible, they also know how to "keshi-keshi" pretend dont know about the poop


Kikey said...

in US some dog owner also didn't pick up the poop.. i hate that..