Nasi Lemak Changi Village Wet Market

My friends have been harping about this nasi lemak for a while. I do so love Nasi Lemak, especially so if the rice is cooked right, with the fragrance of pandan leaves. The most important condiment that makes it right is the Sambal Chilly which has to be slightly sweet, a little spicy in flavour. I decided to try this one out at the Changi Village Wet Market the other time.

There are 3 malay makciks in the small suffocating space. But the three seemed to be able to work well and not even once did they bump into each other. One was at the hot wok deep frying the chicken wings, the other was preparing the other dishes and one serving and collecting money. The three got on their jobs in perfect silence and coordination. Perhaps they were too busy to talk but it was such close range too. For me to stand in that heat, I'd be rambling away words you won't want to hear.

Look at the queue. Unlike chinese servers, these makciks do their job in their own time, not even bothered that a queue was making a snake. She was cool and not hurried but she was not slow either. There was no hint of any impatience nor any display of friendliness either. She was just like a robot, taking the rice, taking your order, packing or adding condiments, handling the transaction. No pressure. hahaha

The taste? I really didn't think that it is as good as how my friend commented, really. I thought the one at Amoy Street Food Centre upstairs tasted better in their rice and chilly. This one is just normal to me. A standard price would be $2.50 of your choice - Fish fillet, Chicken Wings or Otah. Extras will be charged separate.