Pick Up Good Cleaning Habits with Huggies CleanTeam®

As a mom to two young and cheeky girls, 3 and 7, hygiene is top priority in my family. When I bring the girls out, I always carry lots of wet wipes for sanitation purposes especially, when the girls need to visit the restroom or when it is not convenient to find a basin for washing of hands.

At home, I make sure that the cleaning products like bath foam, shampoos, and the liquid for washing of hands are always accessible. My elder girl turning 8 this year is taking her own baths and knows how to clean up after a visit to the toilet. The only thing that I need to repeat to her is that she needs to wash her hands after every visit, as well as before and after her meals. My younger girl is observing all these habits closely and she is following her sister's footsteps which is a relief to me! As she had completed her toilet training and makes her visit to the loo by herself, I place a low level wide stool for her easy reach to the basin, and she is enjoying it tremendously.

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease Scare
I try to make good cleaning hygiene habits an enjoyable part of their everyday lifestyle especially when the recent scare of hand, foot and mouth disease becomes more apparent in the recent weeks. When Rae was 5, she caught it from her kindy just before the school closed for holidays. It was so heartbreaking seeing her with the mouth ulcers and how she couldn't eat nor drink. Even my poor helper cried at the sight of her. It was a painful experience but she now understands why hygiene is so important. I educate my girls about this disease and we all use the nickname Handphone and Mouse because at the same time, PC and Mobile phones are also part of an addiction.

A new line of cleaning products have just been designed specially for children. It is the Huggies CleanTeam® range of products. Huggies had launch this very funky for kids cleaning products which contain items like Bath products, Shampoo and Conditioner, Hand soap, Moist Wipes, Wash cloths and Cleansing cloths. The product revolves around cute illustrations of sea creatures for kids to associate each product for each purpose. These sea creatures are the CleanTeam® Characters that Huggies had created to encourage good hygiene practise to toddlers, especially.

As part of this new campaign, Huggies CleanTeam® is also inviting parent bloggers to write about their own experience of their kids' personal hygiene. To have a look at their line of products on video, you may like to go here. Check out the range of kids' colourful range of products which I'm sure will bring smiles and giggles to your child/children. You may like to check out their requirements, if you wish to do a review and have some product samples sent to you. Have fun!


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