Curry Chicken Noodle

Yesterday after some banking errands in Chinatown, Ah Boy and I decided to patronise our favourite Heng Kee Curry Chicken Noodle stall in Hong Lim. This dish has been so popular that usually the queues start before the stalls open. Never mind if the tables are small, and not cleared. When one goes there, they are there specially for these succulent chicken in curry gravy that tastes so heavenly.

Located in Block 531A in Hong Lim Complex on the ground floor. It is operated by an elderly woman (outside taking orders and putting condiments) and a man chopping up chicken and blanching noodles and ladling gravy.

When we got there late morning yesterday, there was no queue. And the funny thing was that the elderly man is no longer there.. My hubby said the other fella is probably the son.. but we were not sure. They were just idle with no queue. Sigh.. perhaps they change of cooking from this fella? Ah Boy suggested we try the other stall upstairs. The one upstairs sell the exact same dish but is more modern with a cash register and lots of awards, certs and publicity cut out. There was no queue either but at least more people that were sitting around ate from this stall.

So we ordered these. Well it taste just okay to me. Nothing to shout about. But definitely less oily than the one downstairs. But I still love the authentic taste from the original stall. So anyone knows of another good curry chicken noodle around?


Dragon said...

i tried that when i'm in s'pore. i think i have it in marina square food court. i cannot really remember the exact place. i just followed my friend. nice food.

Joze Foo said...

erm...how does it taste like? Never had this before.. Izzit like the penang curry mee but they put in chicken instead?

jepunlauee said...

Is it the same taste as our penang Curry Mee????

Caramel Corn said...

dragon, ya. marina food court also have. i tried before quite nice tat one.

joze and jle,
well, if u have tried the curry mee at the hup keep kopitiam where they use shredded chicke, it is close.

but it is very diff fr the usual curry mee with the coagulated blood one. its quite nice actually.. singapore laksa and curry mee is quite similar in some ways but curry mee the amount of coconut milk is more.