I Love My Pink Bath Scrubber

I love to go to Daiso. They have the most wonderful things you can buy at $2 each. Although I always end up buying a lot, I like the idea that everything costs $2 and I don't really have to look at the tag and find out the price. When browzing, it is easier to gage roughly if that item is worth the $2 or not.

Last week Rae suggested going to Daiso. Of course the whole idea is because she wanted to purchase an eraser she saw weeks back. It was of course Pink, in colour. Rae loves Pink while Lea favours Purple. So off we went to Daiso. I have been looking for the DVD box for months. It seemed like they do not carry these item anymore. They are very handy and worth to have around. I can fit all my audio cds in the box and if placed lengthwise, is exactly the size for the DVDs. I store other things like my phone accessories in there too. It prevents dusts from collecting on my 'barang-barang' so I really find it good use. I don't really like other boxes because the size is either too big or too small.

Look what prompted me to get from Daiso the other day. I bought this bath scrubber. I love to get new scrubber every few months when the old ones starts to look worn. Few weeks ago, i noticed Ah Boy wanted to get one of the Loofah (he got it once before) but i think that is just too rough and i feel as if like rubbing against the trunk of the tree. So before he decided to get the horrible Loofah, I hurriedly got these and paid for it. Well guess Ah Boy will have to settle with my PINK BATH SCRUBBER. It's in the bath so no one can see him using a PINK scrubber, right? shhhh this secret is just between my blogger friends and I. *wink*


Joze Foo said...

haha...pink or what color oso nevermind ma..jus for cleaning purpose... My cousin bought some stuff for me from Daiso....and he told me they lots of stuff there.. He said i would go crazy..if i was there

Constance Chan said...

joze - ya u will definitely go crazy.. they have new things monthly at least. but they have so many things u won't be bored in there. perhaps maybe one day when u are in sg i bring u, ya.

i meant to check out the Baxter/CapD is it correct or not ha.. i may have forgotten the actual term? But i do know there is a nearer dialysis centre than the one i told u last time. this one is even nearer that day i saw..

Dragon said...

daiso, i bought my table mat there. they have a lot of stuff there. i think u can get almost everything u want. but u cannot expect much la, $2 per item, how can u expect more than that? hehehe.

pink..... im not really like it. i like blue~~~

stay-at-home mum said...

Sometimes i buy, buy, buy thinking only $2 and then the bill comes up to $50!! What have I been buying? Dont know. Lulls me into thinking "cheap cheap" so everything also want. Hmmm, now must go get that scrubber, cheaper than Body shop, hor?

Sue said...

If look from far look like toilet brush....muahahaha