City of Spas and Cultural, Budapest

The school will break for holidays in a month from now. I have not been to anywhere for a holiday since my girl started primary school last year, except for an occasional drive and a weekend trip nearby. I wanted to pick a place whereby I can get away from the concrete jungle and no congested cities, please. I longed for a visit to somewhere less traveled, but yet provide basics as I will be bringing my young girls around. One option I am considering is Budapest, Hungary. It has been a place that I've wanted to visit because the place is just so rich with architectural and cultural heritage of Churches, Museums, exotic thermal baths and some remarkable caves. It will be a good educational tour for my girls as all they have seen are just cities, towns and developed nations full with cars, high rise buildings and so little nature.

Besides the sights and richness of the natural treasure, I also felt elated that I am able to look for accommodation that do not confine to the four walls of hotel rooms. A site that I discovered brought me to many choices of accommodation of which is suitable for family stays. Such is the Budapest apartments of many choices that can be found at http://www.apartmentsinbudapest.com It is such a luxury to be able to find apartments as it would mean we have more space and get a feel of living like a home away from home. Prices are pretty low from as low as €17 per night at the Pistachio Apartments.

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