Guess This Sculpture

Recently while on a shopping trip to Singapore Expo, I saw this outdoor sculpture that was really interesting. I wanted to go nearer and feel it and find out what it was made of, but it was not very convenient since it was placed in the middle of a leveled turf, in the car park. I took some pictures at two angles from where I was standing. It looked like something very metal yet looked like it was a darker shade of some fancyful moulded hedge, like what Edward Scissorhands would do.

So what do you think it is? I shall put this shot up. Give it a good guess and I'll post the other angle up after the weekend. See if you could scrutinize this angle that I had cropped tight.


JO-N said...

It looks like a person bending his body forward and this is the back of him. The two rounded parts look like his butt.

jon said...

an elephant or a person bending

Joze Foo said...

yup, its looks like a person bending showing her butt