Beach Cruisers

I enjoy going to the beach. The fresh tangy sea salt that smells so delicious like a seafood dinner. The melodious lapping sounds of the seawater is so soothing. Beach cruisers are quite popular on the sandy parts of the beach. Beach cruiser bikes are hardier than the normal bicycles with its wide seats and baloon tyres of 2.125 inch wide. These used to be handy bikes for the baby boomers during the mid 1990s in the United States. You can attach large wire baskets for alot of stuffs like your picnic basket or your six-pack of chilled beer.

I found a site that sells Classic beach cruisers online. It's a fabulous site. The prices here are reasonable and the designs and colours are really hip. I was eyeing on a Lady Easyrider Beach Cruiser, in Pink. It is hard to believe that the price offered in this site is really resonable, as low as $88.00 for a bike. You can also purchase at wholesaler's price if you order from 10 bikes onwards. Other than their own website, you can also check out the store at ebay.com under http://stores.ebay.com/XYZ-Beach-Cruiser-Bicycles

If you are living in the United States, Canada, and Europe, shipping is reasonable and will be calculated for you based on the weight of the model you selected. International shipping is also available at a higher cost.