Wedding Plans, not mine, excuse me.

Look at this unique wedding invite. I have been sourcing for ideas for a friend's wedding plan. An ex colleague of mine made plans to get married this year. They have chosen the year because of the year 2008. Chinese people are auspicious about dates and colours. My friend went to seek a fengshui to help her choose a date for her wedding. Although a date hasn't been chosen she had timed it anytime in the last quarter of the year. She had also consulted a perfect colour theme.. What turns out for her may be a wedding of the year. She is into trends and for the year 2008, the trend for wedding colours happen to be inclined to green. Green is also the colour for environmentalists which she is active for. She has plans to choose recycle paper for her invitation cards and have lots of green plants instead of having a 'flowery' decor.


stay-at-home mum said...

Oooh! I love weddings,a nd its so fun to be in the planning party. Unfortunately, none of my friends are of the marriageable age. Gotta wait until my daughter is ole enuf.