Cool and Unique Gifts

I used to have my morning coffee in my 'newspaper print' cup untill my helper broke it few months back. I was pretty upset about it because it was a gift that has sentimental value to me. Since then, I've been browzing around looking for the perfect cup for my morning coffees, untill I saw this one. I liked this alot because within the cup inside, you can see the various shades of brown coffee colour. Perhaps this can be a guide to see how much cream I have used. I thought that was pretty interesting. It comes in two flavours, Coffee or a Tea cup.

I think this website has pretty interesting gifts all around. Well, April Fools day is not that far, perhaps you might want to tickle yourself fancy with some gifts for your friends or loved ones?


David (AKK) said...

The coffee mug looks very nice... Especially the color code inside the cup... very creative...

I wish to have one too... where can I buy it ar?

Constance Chan said...

akk, you can click on the word gift.. it brings you to the website that sells this..