Shoes are made for walking

I was in Causeway Point last Sunday looking for shoes for my two angels. We chose the location because we wanted to get away from the crowd in Orchard, Chinatown and around. What did we expect to find in Causeway Point? sigh.. more people. Where do these people come from? I guess I haven't really notice that Singapore really has that many people in just a small island. In other countries, there may be states but at least there are places whereby you can spread out a little wider. But in Singapore, we really have to live one on top of each other, to make land. So in times like these, you really are surrounded by people, and more people. To get away, we try to travel to the far north-south-east-west but end up these people are there!

We found shoes for the girls, any type will do lah, but it was meant to be. Rae insisted that it had to be a Winx Club shoe and Lea must have her Barney shoes! So searching high and low, we found few Barney designs and managed to persuade her to get a pair. But for Rae it was just too difficult. Her brain had a fixed idea of what she will have. Those heels that go click-click. I forbade her to wear such last year before but this year, she is persistant. She picked out some gaudy looking ones, with heels much higher than my heeled sandals! Some had large beady flowers like brooches and some were just too strappy for my taste! She insisted that the ones I picked were just downright 'ugly' 'yucks' or just a N-O (she spelled it out for me). gosh..

Finally after alot of persuading from myself, daddy and even Sofiya, we streamlined to 2 pairs, a white glittery one and a black pair. She wanted the black but I told her white is better because it's lighter in colour and really looks better with 99% of her pink coloured clothes.

They were wearing these indoor at home for days before Chinese New Year. Talk about enthusiasm!



Kikey said...

those shoes are nice!
By the way, have you make it go back hometown?
Keing Hee Huat Chye!! (^.^)