Why pay more interest

In the recent years, going cashless has become a part of our lives. Paying by credit card is the most convenient method. Forget carrying cash and risk personal security. With credit cards, one is able to monitor spendings, view transactions and increase spending power when the need arises. These can all be done by just logging into your account online.

However, many had fallen prey to credit cards that charge high interests. It doesn't make sense to be paying such a high interest when you are utilising credit facility at a sale that is giving you loads of discounts. With the interest rate that you are going to be paying, you end up getting a deal no less than a normal retail item at the mall.

It is important that when you apply for a credit card, choose one that offers you the lowest rate. It is possible to apply for low interest rate credit cards in the market. Like all your shopping deals, it is important to choose wisely.


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