Silver is The Next Big Thing

I am a collector. A collector that started out collecting stickers, coins, stamps, first day covers, swatch watch, miniature bottles of alcohol, miniature bottles of scent(perfumes/cologne), green bags (my most recent hobby) and anything that is worth my collecting...

Among the favourite hobby I enjoy and would love to have more would be to collect money.. . But of course the value of money goes down, devalued with time. What we had like 5 years ago is worth some percentage lesser today.. Of course the best way would be to keep them in the bank to allow it to gain interest.

If you are a collector like me, it is sensible to collect things or objects that can increase in value. Some collectors go for gold jewelery and antiques. One product that is increasing in value is the Silver. Silver can be purchased in the form coins or ingots form. The world demand for Silver Bullion has been increasing rapidly, thus the availability for silver has also reduced in stock. Just like gold bars, the silver coin represent an opportunity for those who are serious in investments. Even the production of silver cannot meet the hungry investers who have been such a big demanding for Silver since the year 1990.


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