Kwan Yim Temple at Tembeling Street

On days 7, 8 and 9 of Chinese New Year (consecutively), Chinese celebrate the Birthday of the human beings, praying to the ancestors and reunion dinner for Hokkiens (Fujians). At the stroke of midnight, is when they pray to the Tian Gong, God of Heaven. During these few days, and especially on the 9th day, temples will be flourishing with devotees. I made a trip to the Kwan Yin Temple in the east this morning. Normally I'll be visiting Kwan Yin temple in town at Bencoolen Street (Si Beh Lor) but my friend GMC and I decided to head to the east side instead.

It wasn't as packed. Or maybe most would have prayed to Tian Gong since the stroke of midnight hours ago. Check out the Kwan Yin Temple at the east side at the junction of Tembeling St (or is that Road?).

East-side Kwan Yin Temple from across the road

An overview of the temple inside

The Altar

Under the tentage outside the temple

Offerings on the Altar



stay-at-home mum said...

Did not realise that there was a Kwan Im temple i Tembling (Rd?) tho' I have lived in the east all my life. Must go take a look one of these days.

David (AKK) said...

Hmm... if I not wrong I been there before, was it located near Joo Chiat that side? nearby there got one vegetarian restaurant called "EverGreen", the food there very cheap & delicious... can go for a try :)

Iml said...

This is new to me too. Only one I know and go to is the one at Bugis.

Constance Chan said...

yes, yes! this Kwan Yim Temple is at Tembeling side.. can consider Joo Chiat too. This place, not many knows it cos its among the residential there. But according to both if you want to go Temple to 'tiu chiam' then the one in Bencoolen is more accurate and better. But here if u want to go 'chey it' and 'chap goh', you wont encounter similar to Bencoolen where as soon as place the joss sticks they take it off liao. The ppl here are also very soft spoken.. unlike Bencoolen, very rude one ler..