Funky Mua'Dib

If you are into funks, you should really check out this band - Mua'Dib And The Awakening. This group was founded in late November 2005. For such a short time they really did a professional job in coming together and performing like as if they have been in the business for decades.

I listened to 3 of their tracks and I really really liked it. They really have alot going for them, a good future. You should really listen to the bass lines in the songs, which is my favourite. My favourite is Take it all away but at the same time Dead Song was really good too. There was a good mix of balance in vocals and guitars and it does brings me back to the funky retro mix and a little bit of rock icon - Jimi Hendrix. Their music is really funky and sexy. If you believe in the band, you should send them your support in Sellaband.com


Kristen said...

Great job pointing out a fantastic band :). I was delighted to read this!!