Bringing the American Motor Home across the Globe

When I was growing up, I toyed with the idea of having a House on Wheels. That was because I couldn't bear to leave my room, my bed, the home tv, toys, just about everything at home! Even growing up as an adult would see me packing such a travel luggage that could fit a small truck. It was as good as "bringing everything, except the kitchen sink!", if that was how people described it. In my heart, I'd want to bring everything, including my kitchen sink! Well, I found out that it could just be possible. You can own a Recreational Vehicle or the motor home or caravan, to some.

In the 70s, american motor homes were making their first import journeys to Britain. That was the start of the era where people started owning home on wheels. It was a dream, that till today I still latch on. Traveling on an RV (Recreational Vehicle) or Motor home is something that I longed for. One of the places I would like to travel on a Fleetwood RV would be the Beautiful Countrysides all over Europe, traveling across to Russia and China. If there is a way to bring the RV across oceans on a ship, the following travel destination would be New Zealand. Just imagine how I would be able to stop and see a different sight and culture each day or two. And having a home so comfortable, one would certainly see no need to spend lavishly on hotel stays and lugging the extra luggage along.

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Audrey said...

We've been going to RV shows for years now. I've always loved them.

Audrey :)

David (AKK) said...

Whoa... this is cool... I like RV also... not sure whether SG gah-men allowed this on the road?

Constance Chan said...

Sg is land scarce area, so won't allow.. the countries that has it also allow these vehicles to park in those places designated for caravans and RVs also..

but looking at sg unless can build at least 12 storey RVs, maybe they allow...lol PARKING WOULD BE SO EXPENSIVE LER.. National Parks Board may set more rules like NO PARKING signs to bar Drivers from driving into their parks..