My Last Chinese New Year Post

Today, being the last day of Chap Goh Meh, is the final day of Chinese New Year. I just stayed at home since there is practically nothing on my agenda and that there is no Gurney Drive to go to.. I am sure there will be loads of young couple and singles hanging around the coast road eating rojak, sweetcorn, Penang Laksa and more! I am also imagining that these people are armed with mandarin oranges in hand and have them thrown into the sea and wishing for their Mr Right and Miss Right. Did any of you do that? That was so long ago.. ages. I wonder if the Gurney is now blowing cool or hot humid air. Did any of you take any pictures of Chap Goh Meh? Let me know, because I would love to see the pictures!

It was a good Chinese New Year, till it lasted! Wishing you a good year ahead!


Kikey said...

wishing you n your family have a good year ahead too.. :D

David (AKK) said...

Happy Chap Goh Meh to you too :)