Reuse, Recycle your Bags

The recent scare about Global Warming has converted me into using reusable cotton shopping bags. It had not been an easy task for many initially in accepting this idea because many of us have already been using plastic grocery bags for many decades.

There are countries who are not ready to accept this in their daily life but countries like Britain, Australia and Singapore have shown a steady growth in helping to protect our precious environment. Reusable grocery bags in cotton are strong, convenient as these bags are very light and can be folded and stuffed into your handbags. They come in many different colours, designs of reusable shopping bags, and different in sizes too. Cut down on using plastic bags and get a reusable one today.

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Kikey said...

United State also use that liao, but normally I will ask paper bag cos can put the recycle trash in it.

Malaysia not really yet, cos it will cost for the businessman

David (AKK) said...

I normally will use my backpack to store stuff... so would minimise the used of plastic bag lo... if "ta pow" food then no choice lo...