Largest Web Design Gallery

I love to go blog hopping when I get the time. I set aside about an hour reading friend's blog and also new blogs that are interesting. When I look at other blogs I try to pick up some tips here and there as well. One thing that usually catches my attention would be their blog designs and layouts. Sometimes you get to see some good ones who do up their blogs with few features yet works so well with only the bare necessities for a blog. Some blogs have lots of interesting widgets. Colours fascinates me and some blogs have interesting illustrations as a focal point.

There is a particular website which I enjoy visiting. It's a compilation of the best designed internet BLOGS and WEBSITES. It is typically a web gallery creatively named Inspiration Folder - Web's largest web design gallery. Registered members can view as many as 20 web design thumbnails on a page. Signing up is effortless and free. You can really see that some of the websites are really very professionally done up and some are really cool and interesting. If you see any sites that you think you like, you can keep them in a virtual folder for easy access for future viewings. This gallery is the source of inspiration for my wanting to have my own domain.