Test Your Typing Speed

In my fathers' time, learning to type was an asset. We used those typewriters that were bulky and heavy. My father had one of those industry looking typewriters, by the brand of Underwood. Whenever he typed on an 'O' or 'A' the keys hit each character so hard that you get a small little hole which you can squint to take a peek through his 'bond' papers. Well, those were the days. He made sure I pick up typing with a binded book which had a figure of a secretary seated on the hard cover. Oh, I didn't like typing..but to please him, I enrolled in on of those little typing classes near the Macalister Road. There were many typing schools in the 80s and it was the trend to pick up typing. I quit before I even took my first test. It was awfully boring, and I was only there because I had my friends with me. We just sat in the back row of the class, binging on titbits and gossip. It was just a social gathering for me, this typing class and twice a week, I was there, making friends.

I guess learning some basics was good. I never got to start typing numbers when I quit! At least now that using the computer keyboard, I can still manage to type and not worry about thinking where the letters are located!

I found this cute widget which can test your typing speed. I've tried it, and I've got 52 words in a minute. Is that good or bad? Not sure what the benchmark or standard speed is. Try it, its fun! Click on it and it will bring you to the website for the test. Enjoy!

Speed test


Taoju said...

Hey, this is fun! Those were the days where we need to test our typing speed during interview.. hehehe.