Electronic Road Pricing

PIE, CTE, KJE, BKE, AYE, BKE, SLE, and now KPE. Well, if you are in Singapore, you probably know these are the highways that are being used here. The recent new addition is the KPE. It can connect from the PIE which I used frequently. Once it is connected to KPE, I get to connect to the ECP which goes all the way to the east like Marine Parade. I wonder if it will be well utilised at all. At least if it diverts traffic and prevents the jam, it helps.

But the biggest dread to drive on these roads, not just expressways, would be to pay for the ERP. ERP, meaning Electronic Road Pricing, is similar to road taxes and these can't seemed to be avoidable.. There is one built just near to where I lived. Few dollars here and few dollars there, everyone is trying to avoid the ERP but end up that the cars are stalling to wait for it to switch off at a certain time. It is acceptable if it is just for the Central Business District but nowadays they are everywhere. And they cause a terrible bottle neck to the roads. There is another one also nearby to be built soon. Sigh Sigh Sigh...