Dance Dance Dance

My girls love to dance. Some of you might have seen their previous videos taken months back dancing to some hokkien Getai songs. I caught Lea (3 and a half) in her active dancing mood again (with Rae joining her later part) last week and chose to capture her secretly behind the sofa. I also told her I was deleting some pictures from my camera phone, when it's obvious. If she knew I was taking her she will be upset because she hates to see herself being replayed, actually. She feels shy about it..hahaha Enjoy..

Previous Video Link
Lea and Rae's second MTV
Kids having fun


Zooropa said...

Hahaha...the kids dancing is really entertaining!


Sue said...

good exercise...cute ..

Shireen Loh said...

hehhe..they are really cute...better save the clip as rememberence..:-)

Constance Chan said...

hahaha my girls can make quite a racket if they are home. hehehe