Jewellery Collection

My dear friend has a creative streak in her. She has quite an eye for detail and her taste for all things are mostly unique. She loves to collect (and wear, of course) costume jewelery which are unique and she collects them halfway across the globe whenever she can.

She has a large collection and I was in her house to see them. I remembered her buying those little drawer boxes for her jeweleries. Well she had them arranged it neatly, not just dump all of them in the box. I got a chance to take a sneak peak and shot of her costume jewelery, of course with permission! Look at her collection.



Joze Foo said...

me oso got a lot of jewellery cos i work in a company that manufacture beads accessories. No chance to wear all i already "lelong" half of my collection adi. I didnt organize my collection so nicely ...i jus dump them in a box. Your fren really did a great job.