Kids break the ice

Lea met a new friend on Friday. She was on one of those kid's toy rides when the little girl about her age sitting on the next one, wanted to make friends with her. Well, it was her Baby Alive that broke the ice for both of them. The girl wanted to reach out to pat the baby doll at first and Lea was a little wary at first.

I was amused that she tried to pull away her Baby Alive and put the baby doll on the other side instead. However, when she came down later on, the little girl too, climbed out and they were both in each other's face for a while. That was when Lea let the little girl patted her doll and they both actually talked. Well it was quite funny because Lea was trying to behave as if she was such a big girl and she talked to the little girl the way an adult would talk to a toddler. Too bad, I didn't have video taken since I was snapping pictures from my camera phone already. I soon found out that they were both equally 3 years of age and only a month apart, with Lea being the elder.

Not quite friends yet..

The little girl reached out to Baby Alive

Lea climbed down, followed by the little girl

Friends at last


K3ViN said...

wah a nice start up..... haha yalor 2 bad u cant shot any video 2 share with us... haha wish lea n her little fren friendship forever......

Tot's Mom said...

Making friends... toddler-style. Cute!

Nancyew said...

So wonderfully cute of the two girls.