Bunk Beds

If you live in a small apartment, bedroom space for a family is a crunch. My two girls and nanny sleeps in a room which practically has not much of a standing space once the three beds and 2 chest drawers are placed.

I've tried to relayout the orientation many times but beds are beds, there really isn't much you can do. Therefore, I've decided to switch to bunk bed option. Having a bunk bed really helped. Not only did it solved my problem, I could also do away with one of the extra chest drawers since the bunk bed already had some drawers built into the design. My two girls sleep on the double bed and the nanny gets her own privacy on the top part of the bunk. And the best thing is, the room has enough leg room and cleaning is a breeze!


Emily said...

Hi Constance, thot just drop by to say halo, tks for the comment in one of my past blog, would love to make friend with you...