Dinner Dash - Excuse Me, Are You A Waiter?

Strategy games and war-craft games are not really my cup of tea. Why? Because sometimes their graphics and illustrations are dark, too loud and can get a little confusing.. I like visuals and I like it appealing, a little child-like, actually. Catch me going to one of those kids website playing those little pac man games, that's the best I can do.

One good news was that I found a game site. You cannot believe how interesting and popular the game is. It is not about fighting and warriors. More like cartoons but within your control. After all my brains can't take anymore strategy games and all that crash, boom, slash. So what about this site?

Popularly known as Dinner Dash. The latest in this series is the Hometown Hero. An interesting game for all - cartoon based, stylised drawings and nice simple colours that are easy to the eye. The game is about this character Flo, a former stock broker who worked her butts out in the corporate world. She quits her desk bound job for a role putting on her aprons to serve and revitalise the ailing restaurant business of grandma. Just like real life, Flo faces the unpredictable tantrums and demands of her customers, and tries to keep her cool working in the restaurant taking orders, waiting on tables to making customers happy, to earn tips! Play it online or download it to your PC. It's really addictive!!!



U.Lee said...

Hi Constance, I took a wrong turning somewhere and landed here.
Anyway, hope not too late to wish you Happy Valentine's Day...If I could be anything, I'd be a tear born in your eyes, live on your cheek and die at your lips.
You have a nice day, Constance, best regards, UL.