Boardgame Monopoly

Did you remembered playing Monopoly when you were young? Or even as an adult or even now? I did played them as a kid, but not anymore.. I have somehow forgotten how it really works.. faintly remembering that GO sign on a corner, and that unlucky Go to Jail thingy... I wasn't much of a good Monopoly player, mostly letting my sis or others monopolized the board building their homes and hotels everywhere. Monopoly seemed more corporate to me, and I prefered Cluedo anytime, maybe it's something about rebellious me, probably.

I was inpired to write this after an online chat with my old schoolmate GE who is in Penang, enjoying her Hokkien Mees and other Penang Delights. It's a shame we can't meet up this year since I couldn't make it home for CNY. GE and I have been pals for the longest time and I am looking forward for the day when I will visit her in Melb. For now, she is still enjoying her month long Chinese New Year break holidays from her nursing job in Melbourne. In case you are thinking of visiting in a few days of transit, I'd be willing to have you over.

So back to Monopoly. Rae had a Spongebob Monopoly given on her birthday last November. However, due to her mummy's reluctance to let her break open the bags of money and spill out all the 'beans', her Monopoly is kept intact, mint condition. I think it stems from the fear of seeing all that Monopoly 'money' and play stuff strewn all over and getting lost or missing that I have actually forbid her to open it up! hahaha.. I ever got her a cheap rendition of Millionaire game before and it was all over the house in 3 days. I even got the portable Roulette game for her (yeah, Mummmy's a gambler queen) and she lost the chips and silver ball bearings... sigh.. board games become a no no to me. Well until she knows how to play them.

But coming from GE's point of view, YES I DO AGREE. Monopoly may help my girl in her mental sums and the art of handling money. WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE??