Changi Beach is nice and laidback

I spent Sunday morning at the Changi Beach recently. Most people would be heading to the Marine Parade side but it can get a bit too crowded with joggers, roller bladers and bicycles. Changi Beach is less crowded, less commercialised but still has it's own share of campers. Parking was just next to the Ferry Terminal (this one goes to Tioman... i think). It was really breezy. The girls had their picnic on the picnic mats. I didnt really pack much for a picnic just some pastries and sandwiches. The girls didn't even bring any sandcastle building toys so they made do with whatever they find, sticks, shells and stones.

I figured my next trip will have me packing my tent along. We bought a 6man tent years ago, waiting to go for an overnight camp and fishing trip when my little girl was few months old. We even got an inflatable bed for that... and the bed can be used for our travel purpose when we are in the hotel too. We even armed ourselves with two easy chairs..

Lovely... I love the sea. Feels like home.

The Changi Ferry Terminal next to the beach

Laid back town of Changi township

Sidewalk cafes and local joints