Eating Oysters and Risks

What did one oyster say to the other?

Oyster A : "Hey, how did your date with Judy go? Did you enjoyed it?"
Oyster B : "Nope... it didn't go well. She reported me to the Police!"

Oyster A : "Why? What happened?"
Oyster B : "I clammed up on her too soon"

Oysters are often associated with Luxury, Love and Lust. It has a key ingredient to testosterone production and is loaded with zinc. It can be eaten raw or it is as lovely when baked, steamed, grilled or fried. Indulging in oysters is fine as long as you are aware the safe eating habits, especially when eating it raw. Consumption of eating raw or undercooked oysters may pose some health risks to some.

New technologies in post harvesting of oysters have been encouraging. The Gulf oysters you consumed in your last meal are among the oyster processors in the Gulf Coast that had taken the lead in making sure that the oysters that reach you are safe for consumption. Safety features help to reduce the Vibrio vulnificus illness, often associated with eating raw oysters. BeOysterAware.com has lots of information about Vibrio vulnificus illness, the symptoms and treatment. Other than educational information, you may find some delicious Oyster Recipes in them too.

Check out the recipes like Oysters Alfredo or the Oyster Cakes. They will leave your mouth watering!