Email Chains

Many of us would have fallen victims of those email chains that we forward to our friends and family. They usually covers unique stories of the unbelievable kind and very doubtful too. However these email chains sometimes comes with photos or snapshots alongside the stories and makes these stories seemed so real. So are they real? Well lots of pictures circulating in the mail are hoaxes or doctored images. Some do it purely for attention, some do it to see how far their stories go and some do it with other agenda on their mind.

Many years ago, I received this one forwarded to me. I'm not sure if you've seen it, remembered it or even heard of it. Well there is a website called Break The Chain. It features a collection of those email chain stories and Snopes does a full post mortem of these stories to see if it is indeed true.

So do you think the picture featured here is a true story? You can read more about it here.


Tot's Mom said...

Doesn't look real to me. OK, let me click on your link and I'll find out.

Constance Chan said...

hehehe lots of things on the internet leaves alot to be desired, actually...hehehe