Tantrums again

My cute Little 'Prisoner' (that's what her T reads) Lea. The last two days, Lea was down with fever, cough and sniffles. She was in a cranky mood and refused to eat. I gave her mostly porridge and 'mee sua' and lots of water and honey drinks. In the mornings, she will get up and go downstairs to sit on the sofa alone. Then she starts bursting into tears and tantrums that nobody bothered with her...hahaha. That is because she is an early bird, always waking up ahead of everyone at about before 6am in the morning.. Y*A*W*N...

Look at this picture I took of her, looking pathetic with her little Baby Alive. That T she is wearing belonged to me which was given by her Godma years ago. She loves to go into my closet searching for clothes and playing dress ups.



David (AKK) said...

there are many people caught with flu recently... maybe due to changed of weather... ask Lea to drink plenty of waters & have more rest oh :)