I threw away a whole cake

I got this for Chinese New Year from an old friend. She bakes cakes for Festives and Weddings. During Chinese New Year, these Prune Lapis are hot stuff. She gave me the same thing last year but I didn't know that they were Prunes. I actually thought they had turned mouldy since I had not touched it after 3 days! So, I actually threw it away..

Gosh.. I KNOW I KNOW.. Prune Lapis is really expensive! All Lapis cakes are time consuming and a small 100 gm cake can cost about $2.00 per pc at some bakeries. After throwing it away, it was at the back of my mind, feeling guilty. This year I'm gonna savour every lapis (layer) all the way.

Lapis is a Malay word for Layer. This cake is baked layer after layer, hence, the name Kueh Lapis (Layer Cake) . It is similar to butter cake but with a hint of spice.



Anonymous said...

This one look yummy leh....i like layer cake much :D